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Welcome to - the only REAL place to find NEOHAX which are the only TRUE, WORKING hacks for Neobux. You can download our NEOHAX software for free below. The NEOHAX software is safe and easy to use, and risk free. We have found a way to bypass Neobux security systems so you can generate referrals and not the rented type, so you get to keep them forever.

The clever part of this exploit is that since the referrals come via you, they are linked to your account, so with NEOHAX exploit, these referrals' clicks will be an exact mirror of what you click. So if you click once, all your referrals click once. So say you have 100 referrals, you click two ads a day, they all click two ads a day and you get paid for all the clicks.

Money Adder (NEOHAX Injector) [download]  
Direct Referral Generator [download]  

Our Hacks are loaded with an automatic updater, so as soon as there is a change in that system we will release an update which will make sure that this program stays working forever.

Important: You  need Mozilla Firefox browser and the free Greasemonkey add-on for the NEOHAX program to work.